Company name ENERPRO
Legal form SARLU (Limited Liability Unipersonal Company)
Share capital Ariary 2, 000,000
Company purpose All energy-related activities (Supply, study, installation and maintenance)
Headquarter LOT II E 69 K Bis Tsarahonenana Antananarivo
Statistical Number 71102 11 2016 0 10387
Tax identification Number 3002271917
Company registration Number 2016B00374
Associates – RASAMIMANANA Harinjaka
– Madagascar Investment Solutions & Partners
Manager RASAMIMANANA Harinjaka
Contact +261 34 71 024 52 / +261 33 11 707 60
ras.njakas@gmail.com / todando@gmail.com
Goal Develop the Energy sector business and extend it – Intervention in public and private market
Objectives  State of the art and tailor made energy solutions to our client
 Rapid interventions and close monitoring by our team
 Quality and Security Management System Approaches
 Study and propose several variants of energy installation projects (solar, electric, wind, thermic)
 Supply solar and wind equipment as well as electrical equipment
 Ensure the maintenance of equipment and installations
 Receive and analyze intervention requests from the client
 Study anomalies on the sites
 Quality reporting