Brace sarl corporate

Company name BRACE SARL
Legal form SARL (Limited Liability Company)
Established Since 2016
Share capital Ariary 2,000,000
Company purpose Build, Real Estate; Architecture; Counsel; Engineering
Headquarter Lot II H 31 W Ankandindramamy Antananarivo 101 Madagascar
Statistical Number 41001 11 2016 0 10932
Tax identification Number 2002480329
Company registration Number 2016 B 00851
Associates – RATODISOA Andonirina (Principal Shareholder)
– RAKOTONDRAMANITRA Andriatinarivo Maminiaina
– RAVALISOA Hobinnandrianina Rijanihary
Manager RAKOTONDRAMANANA Fenosoa Havana
Contact +261 34 02 146 02 / +261 34 14 707 60 /
Objectives  Build: All construction, renovation and rehabilitation: Road, bridge, Building, Dam, Water Supply, etc.
 Real Estate. Purchase, rental and sale of real estate.
 Architecture: Architectural design of Buildings and other infrastructures, 3D rendering and Virtual tour.
 Counsel: Counsel in Investment and Public-Private-Partnership, Environmental Impact Assessment.
 Engineering: Survey, Planning, Design and Field Supervision of Building, road, bridge, dam, port, water supply, civil and industrial projects, Landscaping, Territory Planning and Transportation.
Main References and Clients Bank and Insurance (ACEP-ADEFI: Office Buildings); MOHRI Architect (Japanese Grant Project: Schools); Ministry of Public Health (Hospitals and Medical Equipment); Ministry of Transport (Ports and Maritime Transport); Hotels (Andilana Beach Hotel); Private Residences…

Reference list of works performed

Land surveying

– Land delimitation, land subdivision, land sharing and fragmentation projects on behalf of companies (Packimmo, Pardon Construction,…) and particular customers’ properties
– Boundary marking and establishment of individual plans in parcelling and subdivision / Establishment of regular plans on behalf of companies (Packimmo, Pardon Construction,…) and particular customers’ properties


– Topographic surveying and establishment of ground plans and leveling plan within the framework of the study project of the navigability of and the installation of infrastructures on the Pangalanes Canal. Mananjary district (Mahela and Ambohitsara) – lot 5 on behalf of Brace company
– Topographic and bathymetric surveying of the 4 dams of Amboromalandy, Morafeno, Ambilivily and Sahamaloto on behalf of LandRessources company
– Establishment of overall land surveying plans on behalf of Topographic Service branch and Particular customers
– Altimetric surveying and siting of wells on behalf of Mado company

Geographic Information System

– Establishment of work maps on behalf of NGOs and Particular customers
– Setting up of Databases and Establishment of tourist and report maps on behalf of Fanamby NGO and companies (LandRessources, MIS&P,…)
– Implementation of PLOF Special Tanà as part of land modernization on behalf of companies (LandRessources, TL3B group,MCA Madagascar,…)