2017-2020 Design and Construction of “Port Building” Project in Toamasina SPAT (Toamasina Port Authority) Port Building Concept: One Stop Administrative Services Building for Port Business, Industrial Plant Buildings and Commercial Center.
2017-2021 Design and Construction of Port Residences in Toamasina SPAT (Toamasina Port Authority) Medium Standard Apartments using Prefabrique Titanium Technology destined for the STAFF of SPAT
2017-2022 Field Survey for the Construction of Mixte Ro-Ro Terminal and Small Boats Terminal in Toamasina Port SPAT (Toamasina Port Authority) Ro-Ro Terminal for Specialised Ship Boat transporting Vehicles; Terminal for General Merchandise transported by small boats.
2017-2020 ESPERANZA Project for building villa and apartment residence in the By-Pass Area Joint-Venture with WINNERS GROUP Building of 180 Villas and 2 Apartment Building R+3 for 84 apartment with all amenities infrastructures (Golf Practice area, commercial center, sports and gardens…)
2017-2019 Design and Construction of 572 social housing in Anosiala Ambohidratrimo Ministry at the Presidency in charge of Infrastructure and Equipment This is part of the Government Project (President’s Priority Project) of 3,000 social housing throughout Madagascar
2017-2021 Luxurious Villa Program of ARO ARO IMMO (INSURANCE ARO BRANCH) This is part of the extension of the current project of ARO IMMO destined for High revenue Clients
2017-2020 Sustainable and High Tech Prefabrique Housing Project SON’IMMO (BRANCH OF SONAPAR) High Standard Apartments using Prefabrique Titanium Technology

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